Project Monitoring Information System (PMIS)

Q. What is Project Monitoring Information System?

Project Monitoring Information System (PMIS) is a web based information system that can track Department Science and Technology (DOST) Projects especially in SETUP and other services. PMIS is supported by Geographic Information System (GIS) which allows the user to identify the place of one proprietor and know more about their services. One Feature of PMIS is to monitor all projects in province (can get the numbers and view the details of projects for each provinces, view a statistic for every sector).

On a proprietor side, one objectives of PMIS is allow the user to know the status of their projects in DOST. It can track a refund on its account, view its personal information and get the timeline reports. Proprietor and Admin can send or exchange a message through PMIS.

Project Monitoring System has supported by a database which can store all PDF records, manages each proprietor account and information, store records for billing (Refund).