Project Details
Name of FirmJ & C Napili Store
SectorFood Processing
Province Sorsogon
CitySorsogon City
BarangaySouth Poblacion, Juban
Products - Assorted Breads
- Cookies
Equipment Name QuantityDescription
Continuous Dough Rolling Machine1with prime mover
Dough Sheeting Machine1½ cylinder, length =8’ stainless
Mixing Box1½ cylinder, length = 6’ stainless
Mixing Box11/4 inch thickness sealing
Stainless cooling Rack14’ x 8’ gauge 18
Continuous Band sealer14’ x 6’ gauge 18
Bread Crumb Grinding machine125 kgs cap.
Stainless Working Table112 kgs capacity
Stainless working table 1
Tasty Bread Slicer1
Planetary Cake Mixer 1
Spiral Mixer1
Type of OrganizationSingle Proprietorship(Profit)
Year Firm Established1993
Year Assistance Received2016-06-21
Year Approved2015
DescriptionThe proponent started his business in C.Y 1993 as a small sari-sari store with an initial investment of P 10,000. In C.Y 1995, it grew up into a mini grocery with him and his wife as the workers. By the year 2000, the proponent decided to branch out of his business activity with bakery. The bakery employed only one (1) worker- the baker who does all of the jobs in the bakery operations. In C.Y 2010, personnel directly employed with the bakery operations counted to 19. And available revolving working capital for one (1) week amounts to P 120,000.
Map Details

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