Project Details
Name of FirmCepres Enterprise
SectorFood Processing
Province Albay
BarangayCepres Polangui
Products - Muscovado Sugar
Equipment Name QuantityDescription
Stainless Mixing Tub 1with accessories 5 ftx10ft, 4 pcs mixing spade with 1m long handle, 1 pc pusher with handle,1 pc pusher with handle 2m long, 1 pc portable catch square basin(45cmx125cmx20cm), 3 pcs scoop for sugar granules
SS working tables22ftx 8ft
Stainless Mold for cube muscovado Bukayo42ft x 4ft, with 1 in 2xo.5 in cubes
Stainless Extender/Stainless Sheet44 pcs Gauge 16, 10 sheet(4 x 8 ft)
Stainless Steel Piping and Filtering System 1for cane juice (accessories;1 pc perforated sheet 4 x 8,2 pcs stainless steel sheet guage 16, 4 x 8 ft, 4 pcs stainless steel pipes #1 std.40,10 pcs ball valve, 10 t joint #1, 4 pcs elbow #1, 30 bolts and washers,stainless steel horizontal tank/liming tank 1000 L capacity, pump 3/4 hp,filter tube with cartridge (2 stages)
Stainless Water Tank1 2000Lcap
Band sealer continuous sealing speed 10-12m/min
Micro Weighing and packaging Machine1 Automatic vertical cam system packaging machine), packaging weight: 10 g-17g, capacity/min:10 bags or more, electric power: 13amps, single phase
Portable Bag Closing Machine 1(for 25kg cap sack) single thread, single phase high speed, 90 w, complete accessories: Users booklet 1 pc , tool kit 1 pc
Pulverizer Machine 13Hp, 100-150kg/hr
Nutrition Facts Analysis1(one product with three variant weights)
execution of label design21
Finished Product laboratory analysis fda requirement for lot1
Type of OrganizationSingle Proprietorship(Profit)
Year Firm Established2013
Year Assistance Received2016-10-26
Year Approved1990
DescriptionThe Sabao family has already been producing kalamay long before 1950's and were sold to the markets of Legazpi, Polangui and Sorsogon. Mr.Adolfo B. Sabao, having grown to that commerce from his parents decided to return to this type of trade in 2006. He conducted the Muscovado Summit at Cepres , Polangui Albay at the same year whose aim was to put up a cooperative for the sugar cane farmers. However, the plan did not materialize due to lack of farmer's funds. Despite this, he continued his vision and put up instead, a family business in 2013. This time, he focused on the production of muscovado sugar for the growing demand of the health-and-wellness-concious consumers. Neverless, the production still includes the kalamay products for the kalamay-avid customers.
Map Details

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