Project Details
Name of FirmSare's Pilinut Candy
SectorFood Processing
Province Camarines Sur
BarangayApo Drive,Mayon Avenue Conception Pequena
Products - Pandesal
Equipment Name QuantityDescription
Stainless Working Table21 meter x 2.2 meters, with caster wheel
Type of OrganizationSingle Proprietorship(Profit)
Year Firm Established1976
Year Assistance Received2015-11-05
Year Approved
DescriptionAt a very young age, th proponent was already exposed in trading because she was usually with her parents who were engagein glassware business ,bakery and sellin tsitsiria and later entered the pili products business since year 1976.During elementary days,every day after class ,she proceeds to thier stall and assits her parents in selling.It was mentioned that at certain pointher parents wake them up at an early morning and requires them to peel the pili testa before they can go to school. Although strenuous, her experience during childhood years helped her appreciate and value the business more. When her father started to get weak ,the several stalls in the market were divided among her siblings to which the primary stall was granted to her.
Map Details

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