Project Details
SectorFood Processing
Province Camarines Sur
CityCamarines Sur
Barangay178 jacana St., Rj Village, Haring, canaman
Products - Pili Tart Mix Tart
- Pili Tart Round Tart
- Pili Tart Boat Tart
- Pili Tart Boat Pack
- Mazapan de pili (80g)
- Crispy Pili nut with Honey (80 g)
- Crispy Pili nut with Honey (160 g)
- Crispy Pili nut with Honey (320 g)
- Crispy Pili nut with Garlic (80 g)
- Crispy Pili nut with Garlic (160 g)
- Crispy Pili nut with Garlic (320 g)
- Crispy Pili nut Roasted (80 g)
- Crispy Pili nut Roasted (160 g)
- Crispy Pili nut Roasted (320 g)
- Suspiros de Pili
- Bombones de Pili
- Pan de Pili
- Pili Hopia
- Pili Topped Brownies
- Pili Revel
- Pilnut Kiss Choco
- Double Decker
- Coco jam(small and big)
- Bikol Puto Seko (small and big)
- Chili sampaloc (60 g)
- Chili samploc (120 g)
- Sweet Sampaloc
- Sweet Sampaloc
- Apas
- Sesame Balls (40 g) (min. 2 pax)
- Sesame Balls (80 g) repack(min.2 pax)
- Sesame Balls (80 g)pouch(min .2 pax)
Equipment Name QuantityDescription
Convection Oven 111 position guides, Solid State Temperature Control: 150F Power: 44,000 BTU; Motor: 220v/60Hz/IN/9A for 0.5hp motor; External dimension: 40”W x 56 3/4 “H x 40-1/4 in D; Internal dimension: 29”W x 22 1/8”D x 20” in H; Features: S/S Exterior; Porcelain enameled interior; 2 position switch for cooking or cool down; timer’s adjustable thermostat; 2-speed motor; heavy duty 60-40 s/s swing doors, windows and lights for interior viewing; includes: 5 pcs heavy duty nickel plated wire rack
Dehydrator/Dryer Electric13 doors, Dimension (W/L/H): 1900 x 810x 1820mm; individual chamber: 7.7kw/220v/1ph, 60hz; 11 trays per chamber; tray size; 490x680x50mm; 10x10 mm holes
Packaging Materials 540Lam PET/Foil/PE 119: 100mm x 180mm x60 mm; Plain; Stand up pouch
Type of OrganizationSingle Proprietorship(Profit)
Year Firm Established1997
Year Assistance Received2016-11-11
Year Approved2016
DescriptionThe company started in the early 90s upon the marriage of Maria Lydia Perez to Joseph Lomibao. Naming their company after their firs-born son, Joseph Emmanuel, the couple started making pili tarts with Php500 capital and peddled them to the public market,terminals, and various offices in Naga City. Realizing the need for upgraded processing capacity to meet the increasing patronage of their products, the firm sought for DOST V-PSTC Cam Sur's assistance in 2003 through the SETUP in acquiring a number of processing equipment such as oven,extractor,evaporator, several types of sealer, bottle sterilizer and stainless tables, which significantly increased the firm's productivity. The installation of the DOST-ITDI-designed gasifier combustor also helped utilize their pili shell waste and significantly shave their fuel expenses by as much as 60%. Apart from the provision of the aforementioned valuable equipment, DOST V also assisted the company in their plant layout and design with corresponding trainings on Good Manufacturing Practices and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point
Map Details

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