Project Details
Name of FirmAxcesoria Enterprises
SectorOther Regional Industry Priorities
Province Catanduanes
BarangayTamburan, Bato
Products - 4" CHB, 5" CHB
Equipment Name QuantityDescription
CHB Machine 1#4 with pallets
CHB Machine 1#5 with pallets
Type of OrganizationSingle Proprietorship(Profit)
Year Firm Established2013
Year Assistance Received2016-07-25
Year Approved2016
DescriptionAxcesoria Enterprises is a DTI registered firm owned and managed by Mr. Romeo and T. Soria Jr. The enterprise started as a small construction hardware store. Mr. Soria's interest in construction business was fueled by his knowledge of the nature of the business, plus his experience abroad when working in a construction firm as OFW in Dubai. Mr. Soria envinsioned a big possibility that a hardware store will thrive in his area, thus came the Axcesoria Enterprises. The cooperator embraced the strategy of creating alliances with local but big hardware stores in the main town of Virac as suppliers of hardware material. He managed to win the trust of DYNA MEGA Hardware and entered into consignment agreement payable for a period of one month. Eventually the store started to flourish and in 2013 he decided to incorporate concrete hollow blocks production (CHB) in his hardware business. Soon after, the enterprise was recieving overwhelming orders exceeding its production capacity; hence, the enterprise was left to outsourcing option so as to meet the clents demand. Mr. Soria held the contention the enhancing the production process through mechanical upgrading will remedy his production defficiently. Mr. Soria having heard of the DOST SETUP , decided to avail the said assistance.
Map Details

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