Project Details
Name of FirmPan de Masbate
SectorFood Processing
Province Masbate
CityMasbate City
BarangayTara St.,
Products - Burger Buns(RY)
- (RY with sesame)
- (Champ)
- (Hotdog)
- Ensaymada
- Pan de putok
- Pan de nora
- Pan de coco
- Star bread
- Cookies
- Pandesal
- Pudding
- Slice pie
- Hopia
- Spanish bread
- Tasty bread(large)(small)
- Sliced mamon
- Monay(big,small)
- Doughnut
- Radyoradyo
- Choco roll
- Pagong(small,big)
- Pandesal(big)
- Ensaymada(small)
Equipment Name QuantityDescription
Electric Dough Roller 115-20 kilogram capacity, stainless steel, 2hp
Electric Spiral Mixer11/4 hp
Electric Tasty bread Slicer1
Type of OrganizationSingle Proprietorship(Profit)
Year Firm Established2008
Year Assistance Received2017-01-17
Year Approved2016
DescriptionIn 2013, Ms. Divinia Salvacion took over the 5-year old bakery business of her parents. In due time, she realized the need to infuse her own touch to the business so she attended training on processing breads and pastries in Manila. By 2012, the firm was offered by Jollibee Foods Corporation to supply them burger buns. Ms. Divinia decided to accept the offer. With a P 400,000.00 additional capital-some of which she borrowed from her parents, she embarked on upgrading the bakery's equipment and production area to conform with the production standards set Jollibee.
Map Details

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