Project Details
Name of FirmSweetbee Ice Cream on Stick
SectorFood Processing
Province Sorsogon
CitySorsogon city
BarangayT. De Castro St., Zone 8, Bulan
Products - Assorted Flavored Ice cream on Stick
- Pinipig Ice Cream
Equipment Name QuantityDescription
System ice cream making machine 13ft x 8ft with two (2) units 3 hp COPELAND US model low temperature packaging reciprocating compressor for ice cream every 24 hours; one (1) lot brine evaporator coil complete with expansion valve and insulation; two(2) units air-cooled condenser complete fan motor for 3hp compressor low temperature; one (1) lot necessary control for ice machine and materials: two(2) complete set of ½ HP electric motor, 220volts:one (1) lot brine tank and adjutator; one(1) pre mixer 6 gallons capacity ice cream set, eight(8) molder 55 holes 12x24 inches; eight(8) pinipigmolder 95 holes 12x24 inches
Type of OrganizationSingle Proprietorship(Profit)
Year Firm Established2002
Year Assistance Received2016-12-16
Year Approved2016
DescriptionThe enterprise was originally named Sweet Bee Frozen Delights in the year 2002. However in the year 2007, it was renamed as Sweet Bee Ice Cream on Sticks. Initially, it was engaged in producing and selling limited volume of flavored ice cream sticks. However, with the potential of the business, additional flavors including pinipig were introduced and volume of production was increased. Similarly, numerous market outlets were opened in the year 2004. Sweet Bee's ice cream stick was known and penetrated different market outlets in the provinces of Sorsogon and Masbate. During this period, production was 13,200 price/day.
Map Details

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