Project Details
Name of FirmFabcarr Food Products
SectorFood Processing
Province Camarines Sur
Barangay#4 Manga St., Zone 4, Panicuason
Products - Soya Bread
- Chilled Taho
- Nutri Meat
- Soya Milk
Equipment Name QuantityDescription
Noodle Cutter and Roller 1w/conveyor Noodle Mixer
Upright chiller1
Spiral Mixer 1
Grinding /Separating Machine1
Reversible Dough Sheeter1
Coffee Grinder/ Soya Grinder 1
Adjustable Stove1
Package Development1
Nutrition Facts Analysis Physico-chemico/ micro Biological Analysis1
Stainless Table1
Type of OrganizationSingle Proprietorship(Profit)
Year Firm Established2009
Year Assistance Received2012-12-31
Year Approved2012
DescriptionFABCARR Food Products is a single proprietorship enterprise owned by Mrs. Fe B. Carranza of Panicuason, Naga City. Recognizing the potential in soya food products, the proponent started her soya business in 2004 while still a resident of Legazpi City. She called her firm, FABCARR Food Products, coined from her name's abbreviation. On 9 March 2009, her business was registered in Department of Trade ang Industry. On 2007, her family moved to Panicuason, Naga City where they continued producing tajo jelly, tofu, soya milk, soya coffee and soya nutri-meat. To cope with increasing demand for soya-based products in the city and nearby municipalities, she pursued upgrading the production volume and quality of products that are competitive in the market. Her determination paid off when she joined the Naga City Council of Women Aggrupation for Person Out with Disability that gave her moral support and access to government agencies like DOST. Hence, through the PSTC-Cam. Sur, technological needs of the company were addressed through extending appropriate technological interventions. With the DOST Grants-In-Aid Program, the firm was provided with freezer, chiller, tofu molder, soya grinder with separator, dough roller, multipurpose mixer, multi-purpose pulverizer and industrial oven. DOST V also extended assistance in the adoption of Cleaner Production Technology (CPT) that resulted to reduced raw material consumption and waste generation, and increased process efficiency and product quality.
Map Details

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