Project Details
Name of FirmBerton Pilinut Candy and Pastries
SectorFood Processing
Province Albay
BarangayZone 6, San Francicso, Malilipot
Products - Pastry Crisp (100 g)
- Crispy Pili (150 g)
- Crispy Pili (85 g)
- Pili Tart (100 g)
- Mazapan (100 g)
- Mazapan (80 g)
- Buding
- Empanaditas
- Roasted Pili (100 g)
- Sugar Coated (100 g)
- Salted Pili (100 g)
- Pili Macaroons
Equipment Name QuantityDescription
Continuous Band Sealer 1Working speed: 0-12m/min
Shredding Machine 1Kw: 1.10, 60 Hz, 1400/2900 (r/min) Capacity: 5 L, 31 kgs
Cooker Mixer 180 L, 730 mm, 1 HP, 200 kg, 121 x 110 x 165 cm, wooden (paddle type)
Spiral Mixer16 kgs Power: 1 HP, 220v, 60HZ, Motor: 1 HP, capacity: 3-+6 kgs flour, Dimension 70x40x98cm
Three-Deck Oven140 kgs
Stainless Steel Cooling Rack210 layers
Stainless Steel Working Table13x6ft
Execution of Packaging and Labeling Design1
Nutritional Facts Analysis2
Type of OrganizationSingle Proprietorship(Profit)
Year Firm Established1990
Year Assistance Received2012-12-31
Year Approved2016
DescriptionBerton Pilinut Candy and Pastries origin, roots from the owner's passion for baking which started as a home-based business 25 years ago in Manila. The basic recipe for Pilinut candy was given by her cousin and was further improved and innovated by the owner, herself. She started first at selling Pastillas with crispy, then further added with pili tarts and other pili candy. The business continued in Albay by the year 2001 upon the owner's return to her home province. The company's markets grew through the spread of word from friends, relatives and SME forums. Up to this present, the company never ceases to seek improvement and providing satisfication to Pilinut candy avid consumers. Existing packaging, equipment and facilities however, are not enough to complete with Pilinut candy makers of the region in terms of product presentation and production as well. Hence, the company seeks assistance from the DOST V to address such constraints through this technology assessment.
Map Details

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