Project Details
Name of FirmAycocho's Food Products
SectorFood Processing
Province Albay
Barangay#028 Zone 2, Bascaran
Products - Hot and Spicy (50 g/pack)
- Hot and Spicy (150 g/pack)
- Original (150 g/pack)
Equipment Name QuantityDescription
High Capacity LPG-fired fryer with oil drainage1(10 kg)
Weighing Scale1 70-80kg cap
SS Working Tables2
Cooling Rack1
Chest type freezer 1
Continuous band sealer1
Vacuum Sealer1
Packaging and Labeling Assistance1
Complete Nutrition Analysis1
Shelf-life Testing0
Type of OrganizationSingle Proprietorship(Profit)
Year Firm Established2010
Year Assistance Received2013-07-04
Year Approved2013
DescriptionThe company's Chicharon Manok, a unique snack food produced by deep-frying of chicken crops, was conceptualized by Mrs. Aycocho during her college days in her feasibility study. This is unique as a common chicharon manok is known to be made of chicken skin. Taking advantage of the proximity of a Magnolia factory from their home, Mrs. Aycocho made use of the chicken crops that magnolia merely disposes. Shortly after graduating with a degree in BS Entrepreneurship, Mrs. Aycocho immediately commercialized the product with a capitalization of only P5,000 and registered an enterprise in 2001 then named Aycocho's Chicharon Manok. It was only in 2010 that the company's name changed to Aycocho's Food Products, diversifying from Chicharon Manok to other snack foods such as cassava and rice crackers. From 2001 to 2010, the company did well in introducing its unique finger food to the community, even capturing the attention of LCC and Gaisano malls. As its popularity increases, so is the demand. This trend prompted the need for the company to beef up its productivity to meet sweeling demand. Realizing this and recognizing the effectiveness of applying technology, the company opted to apply for SET-UP assistance.
Map Details

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