Project Details
Name of FirmOBEDBROS Enterprises
SectorFood Processing
Province Albay
BarangayRuivivar St., Tayhi
Products - 250 ml VCO
- 325 ml VCO
- 1 LVCO
Equipment Name QuantityDescription
Motorized horizontal screw type coconut milk extractor1
Upright freezer1
Oil Filter1
Filling Machine1
Packaging and Labeling Machine20
Complete Nutritional Analysis1
Shelf-life Testing1
Type of OrganizationSingle Proprietorship(Profit)
Year Firm Established2005
Year Assistance Received
Year Approved2013
DescriptionIn sore need for cheap alternative medical treatment to his heart disease, Lemuel Obed, Sr., the late father of the proprietor, turned to utilizing the natural healing wonders of Virgin Coconut Oil. Upon learning the wonderful health benefits of his oil, Mr. Obed found ways to produce it at their home for his personal consumption. He noticed dramatic improvement in his health after several months and decided to cut reliance on synthetic drugs. Convinced with his first-hand experience, the former proprietor of the enterprise thought of sharing it with the ailing others by commercializing VCO. This is no easy task however. Mr. Obed well knew that mass production of VCO through manual means is difficult. He then turned to DOST V for help. After series of going back and forth to the agency, Mr. Obed finally came up with the idea of fabricating a manual coconut squeezer and determine the other sets of tools and equipment necessary for VCO production. True, the current facilities of the enterprise is far from sophisticated. What is remarkable, though, is albeit these modest means, the company produces quality products, pure and clear VCO. Consumers often wonder whether the company employs high-end facilities to manufacture health products of such quality that almost equal export-quality VCO of big companies on Manila. Mr. Obed's ingenious toiling has indeed come into fruition.
Map Details

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