Project Details
Name of FirmJannah's Pasalubong
SectorFood Processing
Province Camarines Norte
CityCamarines Norte
BarangaySta. Magdalena St. Barangay I, Vinzons
Products - Masapodrida(Big)
- Masapodrida(Small)
- Pandesillos
- Pili Tart
- Pili Cluster
- Crispy Pili(Big)(small)
- Crispy Pili(Big)(small)
- Sugar Coated Pili(L)(S)
- Salted Coated Pili
- Pili Roll
- Pili Yema(5pcs)
- Pili Yema(per pack)
- Cassava Cake
Equipment Name QuantityDescription
Electric Dough Roller 11.5 hp
Bread Slicer1 heavy duty
Cassava Grinder11 hp
Stainless Sink1Stainless
Banca1(1) 150slot(2)57slots
Tray 3stainless
Working Table4stainless big
Electric Mixer w 2 bowl, Cooking Mixer, gas stove2 #14
Patty Griddle1
Baking Trays100
Foot Sealer1
Type of OrganizationSingle Proprietorship(Profit)
Year Firm Established0
Year Assistance Received2013-06-27
Year Approved2013
DescriptionJannah's Pasalubong is a single proprietorship owned and managed by Mrs. Teresita E. Buenavista. It is duly registered with the Deparment of Trade industry, Bureau of Internal Revenue and at the barangay II and the Local Government of Vinsons, Camarines Norte. it started out in 1982 as a mere hobby of the owner and as customers and patrons grow it still engage in food processing and production of processed foods and pastries such as "pandecillos", "masapodrida", "pili roll", "yema", "pili tart", "pili cluster", "sugar coated pili candies", salted pili" , 'crispy pili", etc. They have now two permanent outlets of their products located in their main processing site in Vinzon Avenue, Daet, Camarines Norte. There are also 20 free-lance marketers that are selling their products in every establishment and roaming around the province as well as customers who did consolidation of their products and distribute themin Metro Manila
Map Details

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