Project Details
Name of FirmPrima General Mechandise
SectorOther Regional Industry Priorities
Province Camarines Sur
Barangay2-3. F.Monte St. La Trinidad
Products - Spoon
- Fork
- Toyspoon
- Sundae Spoon
- Clothes Pin
- Clothes Hanger
- Clothes Hanger w/ clip,
- Dripping Grip
Equipment Name QuantityDescription
Injection Machine1Screw diameter 60mm, shot volume 664cm3, shot weight 610.9g, injection pressure 134.8 mpa, screw L;D ratio 20.1, max. injection speed 78.2mm/s screw stroke 235mm, screw speed 9stepless0 0-170 r/min, Clamping unit:Clamping force 2000kn, opening stroke 460mm, space between tie bars 510x510mmxmm, max daylight 980 mm, mold thickness (min.max) 180-520, hydraulic ejection stroke 150mm, ejector number 5, hydraulic ejection force 49kn, Power unit: hydraulic system pressure:17.5mpa, pump motor 11 kw, heating capacity 14.7 kw, number of temp control zones 5, General unit: dry cycle time 3.0s, oil tank capacity 160L, machine dimensions 5.7x1.3x2.2 machine weight 5960kg.
Type of OrganizationSingle Proprietorship(Profit)
Year Firm Established1997
Year Assistance Received2013-09-09
Year Approved2013
DescriptionThe Prima General Merchandise was established in 1997 by the owner.The primary activity of the company was to buy and sell pilinut plastic jars manufactured in Metro Manila then sells it to several pilinut and peanut processors in Albay and Cam. Sur. In 2000, Prima General Merchandise decided to denture in plastic manufacturing and recycling business.From buying the plastic materials, cartoons, and others junk items, they decided to process the recyclable materials into new products. The company produces and manufactures products like plastic spoons and forks, and other household products that came from recyclable materials. Currently, the company is the one and only plastic manufacturing and recycling facility in Iriga City and in Bicol Region.
Map Details

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