Project Details
Name of FirmKelianber Store and Bakery
SectorFood Processing
Province Masbate
BarangayBrgy.Tabuc Mobo
Products - Burger buns
- Pandesal
- Ensemada
- Tasty breads
- Pan de putok
- Hopia
- Pagong
- Star Bread
- Radio bread(radyo-radyo)
- Ear Bread(talinga)
- Cookies
- Mamon
- Pudding
- Slice Pie
- Pan de Nora
- Pan de Bohol
- Binaston
- Monay
Equipment Name QuantityDescription
Electric Oven 1With A Capacity of 12 Plates with: 20 pcs. 9” pie plates 20 pcs. Muffin Trays(small) 20 pcs. Muffin Trays (medium) 20 pcs. 1” Brownies Trays 20 pcs. Swallow Trays (small) 20 pcs. Swallow Trays (medium) 20 pcs. Swallow (large)
Spiral Mixer 18kg capacity
Bread Slicer1
Bread Crusher1
Cooking Rack1
Stainless Steel Working Table1
Type of OrganizationSingle Proprietorship(Profit)
Year Firm Established2005
Year Assistance Received2015-10-21
Year Approved2015
Descriptionn the year 2005, the proponent establish their first business venture which was a sari-sari store.Aside from various goods, they also offered breads and pastries which were provided by an external supplier.Supply of breads was not sustained however due to inconsistent delivery. This circumstance compelled and inspired the proponent to up their own bakery in order for them to be self-sufficient and to cater to the demands of the neighborhood. The firm borrowed one hundred thousand (P 100,000) from an acquaintance.The borrowed amount served as initial and capital and was used in purchasing basic bakery equipment.
Map Details

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