Project Details
Name of FirmDad's Special Pinangat
SectorFood Processing
Province Albay
BarangayBrgy.1 camalig
Products - Pinangat Hot(333 g/pack)
- Pinangat Regular(333 g/pack)
- Inulokan Hot(333 g/pack)
- Inulokan Regular (333 g/pack)
Equipment Name QuantityDescription
steel working table3with regulators
hydraulic coconut meat extractor1
5-burner heavy duty stove 1
ice slush blender1
food vacuum sealer1
food strainer3
Type of OrganizationSingle Proprietorship(Profit)
Year Firm Established1999
Year Assistance Received2012-12-10
Year Approved2012
DescriptionPinangat is a very famous delicacy in Bicol popularized by the residents of Camalig, Albay. It is a vegetable dish with gabi or "taro" leaves with selected local natural herbs and fillings cooked in coconut milk. Ronaldo Nicerio, known as DAD'S in the neighbourhood, had been making this delicacy since he was twelve years old. At this young age, he was helping his aunt, who is a home economics teacher, in her sideline of selling Pinangat. In 1999, DAD's started his business with an initial capital of five hundred pesos (P500.00), with him as the manager and worker. His initial production was 30-50 pcs pinangat per day sold directly to neighbours and friends nearby. After a week, production has increased to about a hundred pieces and the volume of production has continuously increased until 2001. At this point, a production site and store outlet was constructed to meet the demands of the business. Market had expanded as far as Manila and Pampangga. Three workers were also hired to help DAD's in the production and his wife was a great help in the marketing. The company has started "freezing" the products to prolong its shelf life.
Map Details

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