Project Details
Name of FirmCozytops Pilinut Candy
SectorFood Processing
Province Albay
Products - Pili flakes(Marigsip box)(200 g/box)
- Pili flakes (Marigsip pouch)(60g/pouch),
- Chocogems(dark)(180g/box)
- Yema de Pili(50gg/pouch)
- Pili Knouger(white)(60 g/box)
- Pili Krouger (dark)(60g/box)
Equipment Name QuantityDescription
Stainless Oven 1(40-kg capacity)
Electric nut grinder 1(5-kg capacity)
stainless steel working table1 (4 x 8 ft)
stainless steel working table 1(2x6 ft)
electric mixer 130-kg capacity (stainless)
Stainless Molder/ baking sheets60
continuous machine1
Type of OrganizationSingle Proprietorship(Profit)
Year Firm Established2008
Year Assistance Received2012-12-10
Year Approved2013
DescriptionGerry R. Dimaandal and his wife Aida started the company in 2009. It was brought by a product shift from pizza to pili nuts because of high production cost of the previous. This was inspired by the fact that the availability of raw material in the region is easily provided alongside the successes of other pili producers. In 2010 the coupled developed a new pili product made out from pili flakes,it is far from the others existing pili product already present in the market. They launched this product with an name "marigsip" that means crispy.Upon the launched the product was widely known and orders from retailers came in. This was the start of "cozytops" the name of their product with pili nut as its topping.
Map Details

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