Project Details
SectorFood Processing
Province Sorsogon
CitySorsogon City
BarangayCampsite Brgy. Guinlajon
Products - Longganisa Special Red
- Longganisa Special white
- Longanisa Low Cost Red
- Longanisa Low Cost Orange
- Skinless Longanisa
- Longanisa Macao Hog
- Tocino
- Bolonia
- Longanisa Macao Collagen
- Skinless Collagen
- Embotido
- Shomai
- Square Ham
Equipment Name QuantityDescription
Hydraulic Meat Stuffer1 40-50kg batch capacity; 220V, 60Hz, 1 phase
Foot Type Impulse Sealer 1with double heat date printer; double line; seal length 30mm; 220V, 60Hz, 1 Phase
Packaging design and Execution 1Direct printing on 100,000 PE plastic packs of improved design
Type of OrganizationSingle Proprietorship(Profit)
Year Firm Established1987
Year Assistance Received2014-05-22
Year Approved2014
DescriptionVLJ Enterprises is a single proprietorship business organization established and managed by the JAO family of Sorsogon City Since 1987. The firm started with a piggery business of 10 sow level at its 4.25 hectare farm located at Guinlajon,Sorsogon City. In 1990 a poultry house with 5,000 layers was added in the farm. In 2003, the firm diversified into processing of pork meat, producing a variety of meat products such as longanisa,tocino,hotdog,bologna and square ham for the local market. Currently, the piggery is at 100 sow level with an average of of 900-1,000 at any given time. there are now 6 poultry houses with a total of 24,000 layers, producing a daily egg output averaging at 500 trays. The meat processing business on the order hand, while relatively small in cash flow compared to piggery and poultry, is already producing a daily output of 140 kg of meat products primarily longanisa. Three (3) family-owned meat shops/retail stores were also established around the city public market as primal outlets for the processed meat products. A feed mill was also installed at the farm to produce feeds for the consumption of the farm's piggery and poultry, as well as by a number of household backyard piggery ventures in the community and other barangay under contract growing arragement with the firm. A feeds and fertilizer store was also put up selling different brands of feeds.
Map Details

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