Project Details
Name of FirmDagooc Poultry Farm
SectorFood Processing
Province Camarines Sur
CityNaga city
BarangayZone 6, Carolina
Products - Broilers(1.55 to 1.7 kg)
Equipment Name QuantityDescription
Watering Line 1440’ long split,12.66 birds per nipple, 90ml/min flow,10 end regulator kit with shut off, old style,200 flex standpipe-30”,100 pvc yellow regulator drop house 2/8”, 10’pvc nipple pipe kit, 3080 drip cup, 10 end assembly kit, 10 1500lb winch,2 winch handle for 1500lb winch, 1 pvc cement glue-pint, 1 filter kit and back flush setup, 1 bottle brush for flex stainpipe, 5 nipple tool 1 dosatron medicator,1 water meter (metric),240 ¼ “x20x3” open eyebolt with nuts, 2 lead in kit for 5 lines, 1 installation/management manual for watering system
Feeding System 14x440 ft. lines, 704 flood feeder pans (55.4 birds/pan), 4 end house control pan unit-proximity switch,4 ramp rating for control feeder, 4 end control motor mount plate with electric box-single phase, 4 ½ hp direct drive motor and assembly,704 14” fuze proline shallow broiler pan,176 10’ tybe-4 holes ribbed tube , 1.75’ tube clamp, tube hanger for ribbed tube,445 roll-1.438” O.D. Auger, 32 insulator bracket and tube clamp assembly, 32 spring for anti-roostshocker wire,1840 1/16” anti-roost shocker wire,4 hopper level proximity switch
Type of OrganizationSingle Proprietorship(Profit)
Year Firm Established2010
Year Assistance Received2016-06-21
Year Approved2016
DescriptionFive years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Rafael Dagooc, the parents of the proponent and a former SETUP beneficiary started the broiler production business in their lot at Carolina, Naga City. They started with 5,000 heads and increased the capacity as years go ahead. Seeing the interest of their son, Mr. Randy Dagooc in managing the business is engaged in rearing 33,600 to 36,720 heads and aims to upgrade the facilities used in rearing the broilers.
Map Details

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